please be nice to me.. thanks :)

Assalamualaikum.. hello :)
ohh..awak,awak,awak,awak dan awak.
 please be nice to me.
i promise i will be nice to u too okay?

nice :)

actually. UPS exam just around the corner.
and this is the first time in matriks.
 and now, u know what i feel right? nervous? excited?
NICE?? all the question, please be nice to me okay?
i love so muchmuchmuch!
i have to score for this ups.
i want 4.0 flat !
please and please.
only 5 subject.. but it was like..erghh.. 5++ *over

*sorry for the bad bad english.practice makes perfect :)

EXAM?? :| okay :)

 readers, pray for me okay?
thank u so much :)
bye bye..